The Treatment:

Consist in the occlusion of treated areas. Special biologic elements. Eight consecutive days to allow: Penetration of natural substances lost with aging.

Immobilization of area to obtain a molding which erases lines, wrinkles, spots and scars from the face and neck.

Elasticity is improved and flaccid skin recuperated.  A younger appearance for the rest of your life.

Who can use YoungerFace®

Men or women who wish to look 10 to 20 years younger.

Those who suffer complexion problems such as acne scars, abnormal freckling, thick skin, age spots, or unsightly blemishes.

People who do not wish to suffer pain, inconveniences or can't have surgical procedures due to medical conditions.

Ages: 24 to 90 years old in good health.

No anesthesia, no sedation, no risk.

How “YoungerFace®” Works

First Module • 2 Days

Works at cellular level to regenerate and revitalize tissues.

Second Module • 5 Days

Restoration and firmness of the skin’s elastic fibers. Similar natural products to what  you have lost through the years.

Third Module • 1 Day

Removes superficial cells, organize melanine to help in the elimination of brown spots.

YoungerFace vs. Other Treatments

  • No risks, No allergies or rejection.  No anesthesia. No scars as there are no cuts.
  • The skin is not pulled. Natural Collagene fibers are not weaken.  Elasticity and firmness of tissues returns.
  • Does not change facial features. Pigment does not change and color will be normal after stabilization period.
  • Skin shows a natural younger aspect.
  • Results last for many years. The time chronologically rejuvenated would be for a life’s time.
  • Procedure can be repeated after 12 years to rejuvenate more.
  • Restores lines around the eyes and lips.
  • Can be normally exposed to sunrays after three months.
  • Fast recuperation. Normal activities can be resumed next day after treatment is concluded.
  • No other treatment can be compared to YoungerFace's natural results without risks.

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