LUCY  “a famous woman”
She is a scientist who was born to make her neighbor happy and she does it with the love that her parents and her life taught her.

The little girl with golden curls, wanting to discover the new world, with her soft voice and repeatedly answered the question that many friends of her father asked her about: what does she want to be when she grew up?  “I want to be a famous woman”.  If the answer had not come from a very small girl, the fact would never have caused any effect among the people who every morning watched with admiration the talents that were developing in her.

Lucy Madariaga is today one of the most important Hispanics in the South Florida area. Her work and her science, which for her has no end, puts it into practice daily in the people who visit her. Thousands of them are distributed around the world.  There are no secrets, no magic, only work and dedication. Years and years of study, researching and testing her talent in incessant search to be able to turn the old into new.

And is that this successful woman in only nine days is able to eliminate, in the appearance, between 10 to 20 years for the rest of the life. Most important, without using the scalpel and the charm of her psychology put to the test since those who decide to visit her clinic in Miami Beach, which began more than 40 years ago. Lucy returns to the skin its youth and beauty. She is the creator of “YoungerFace”.

She is a pioneer in beauty, rejuvenation and preventive programs against aging. Lucy has received many awards during her professional career, among them (Prize of the French firm Cartier for her contribution to beauty) and has just been chosen as “Woman of Excellence” a prize awarded to her by the National Association of Professionals and Executive Women” (NAPEW), an institution that has more than 70.000 members around the United States.

With great pride we have invited Lucy to participate in our publications, which we believe readers will be happy to read her advises.