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Lucy Madariaga, IMD, Ph.D

Her European studies in the field of medical aesthetics (Spain, France, Switzerland and Rumania) put her into a unique position (almost five decades ago) since in Florida there were not any institutes available for rejuvenating purposes. Miami Beach was a unique location; it was a retiring mecca for many. It was very common to see retirees dancing at the parks, living full energy and ready to accomplish more, but with the skin full of wrinkles due to sun-damage, looking worn out and very aged. Lucy Madariaga was anxious then to find a solution where the energy from within matches the outward appearance. For over 40 years she had accomplished successfully what her wishes were when New Life Clinic opened its doors in 1967. Thousands of clients around the world had been rejuvenated with her unique method “YoungerFace®”.

Always thinking in how she could improve the well-being of people, Lucy decided to study Quantum Integrative Medicine. Received her doctorate and Ph.D. degrees in 2014. While doing research for her dissertation papers, she found a deep connection between stress, pain, depression and aging.  Problems that she addresses through Quantum Energy without medications.

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Memberships & Certifications
Over the Years

  • American Society of Esthetic Medicine International (SPC01001047
  • International Academy of Therapists of Beauty & Cosmetology (USJ0113
  • American Society of Esthetic Medicine (#2255)
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)(#114625)
  • State of Florida Board of Cosmetology (CL0146750) (CE9996855)
  • The Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences (BANHS) (Cert.# 100517)
  • Natural Therapies Certification Board (Cert.# 4669BT)

Awards, Recognitions & Media

Dr. Lucy Madariaga received many recognition certificates and awards granted for her professional and humanitarian services around the world. More than 200 Media interviews in reference to her method “YoungerFace®

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